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Voltage regulators

Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) are a vital component of your alternator. STAMFORD® | AvK® offer a wide selection of AVRs suitable for use with many alternators in the production range.

The AVR is the heart of the alternator and keeps the static output voltage within very small limits during operation. AVRs include the latest technology to provide the highest level of performance under all alternator operating conditions.

All AVRs are encapsulated to provide protection against atmospheric moisture, salt and sand and are mounted in anti-vibration mounts for mechanical protection against engine vibration.

To ensure constant operation and a long life of the alternator, it is essential to purchase original products.

Purchasing an Original AVR STAMFORD® | AvK®, means:

  • Do not void the alternator warranty;
  • Minimize plant and equipment breakdowns;
  • Maximize power security;
  • To harmonize the alternator’s performance capabilities, guaranteeing stability and reactivity;
  • Have a tested product to counter critical operating situations, activating existing protection systems.

Spare parts have a 12-month warranty.